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The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text

Module Code: GE108
Module Name: The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text (formerly Writers, Media and Society in Contemporary Germany)
Module Coordinator: Dr Helmut Schmitz (2019-2020) Dr Katie Stone (2020-2021)
Wednesdays 10.00-12.00 in OC0.01
Module Credits: 30

Module Description


The module GE 108 The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text has three central aims:

1. It aims to provide you with an introduction to the intellectual history of post-war Germany (principally the Federal Republic but also the German Democratic Republic).

2. It considers the development of the mass media in Germany and in particular the role played within the media by writers and intellectuals.

3. It aims to provide you with the analytical skills required to examine diverse types of literary and filmic text. The module consists of a weekly lecture and a small-group tutorial.

Topics you should study on this module:

The restoration of West German society; writers and the political reconstruction of Germany; the military reintegration of the Federal Republic into the West and the opposition to rearmament; coming to terms with the Nazi past; the Student Movement; the West German Women's Movement; the development of the press in the Federal Republic; migration and settlement; introducing the German Democratic Republic; women in the GDR; German Unification and the intellectual debate.

Texts you should study include:
Heinrich Böll, Das Brot der frühen Jahre; Peter Weiss, Die Ermittlung; Bernhard Schlink, Der Vorleser, Elfriede Jelinek, Die Liebhaberinnen 
Films you should study include:

Die Ehe der Maria Braun (Fassbinder); Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (Schlöndorff & von Trotta); Das schreckliche Mädchen (Verhoeven), Kurz und Schmerzlos (Akin)

Topics for study and texts/films may be subject to revision

Module co-ordinator: Dr Jim Jordan (term 1), Dr Helmut Schmitz (terms 2 & 3)

Module tutors:, Dr Emily Oliver, Dr Ian Roberts, Dr Katharine Stone

Module lecturers: Dr Christine Achinger, Grit Brendecke, Dr James Hodkinson, Dr Jim Jordan, Dr Ian Roberts, Dr Helmut Schmitz, Dr Katharine Stone

Assessment Method:

One unassessed essay (0%), one assessed essay (50%) and one exam (50%).