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GE108: The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text


Module Co-ordinator 2015/16: Dr Helmut Schmiz (Room H210)


Welcome to this core module! We are looking forward to working with you to develop your awareness of the history and culture of post-Second World War Germany, build on your critical and analytical skills, and further your ability to express yourself accurately and concisely.

These pages cover the most important information you will need for the first term. Occasionally, we may need to make alterations to the programme at short notice, so please check the Year 1 notice board regularly. We are currently revising the programme for the second and third terms, and will let you know of the arrangements for those terms in due course.

As you will see the module is very intensive, covering a great deal of ground. You will need to plan and sequence the work you do, whether that is reading literary texts, viewing films or preparing for tutorials and assessed work. It is important to keep on top of your work as you go – that way, you will derive the maximum benefit from the module.

Lecturers: Grit Brendecke, Dr James Hodkinson, Dr Jim Jordan, Dr Ian Roberts, Dr Birgit Röder, Dr Helmut Schmitz

Seminar tutors: Dr Birgit Röder, Dr Ian Roberts, Dr Helmut Schmitz