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Resources for GE 109 Aspects of German Culture in the Age of Enlightenment

The first place to look for secondary material is the on-line bibliography associated with this module . Start by typing in just one word from the title - Kabale, Werther, Galotti - as the more you type, the greater the risk of mis-typing something. Don't forget too that you can download the results to your PC - there's no need to copy them out by hand!.

If an item is listed in the bibliography it is definitely in the library - so ask if you can't find it! You'll find that journal articles will often be of more use to you than books - so get used to consulting those. Almost all the articles cited for this module are available in a digital form ready for downloading in pdf format

We have also listed a set of WWW-links to key topics and themes covered in this module. You will note that we have NOT included Wikipedia links because - like many of the links listed below - it is not always a reliable source of information! Use the links to get a rough idea of the topic in question (and related visual material); you should NOT use these links as your only research tool. Print media are still likely to be more accurate than the sources cited below (and if you are writing an essay you are likely to be penalised if you do not make use of a range of printed secondary literature and rely solely on www-sources).

The links are divided into two categories

1. Contexts and History

2. Materials specifically on authors studied on this course

Contexts and history

Sturm und Drang

Empfindsamkeit/ Sensibility

The Enlightenment (Aufklärung)

History of the American Revolution

American Declaration of Independence

Excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum

The Grand Tour

Versailles and Louis XIV

Baroque Architecture

Neo-classical Architecture


Rousseau Works (English) 

Klopstock (Verse)

Authors studied on this module


Texts (German)

Biography (German)

Timeline and images

Radio Four Doc (mp3)

Collection of audio files maintained by Deutsche Welle

Collected Verse


Texts (German)

Biography (German)

Bio and Works (German)


Texts (German)

Biography etc. (English)

Detailed site about Kabale und Liebe

Bio and Works (German)