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Spanish and English Translation

Module Code: HP209
Module Name: Spanish and English Translation
Module Coordinator: Dr Mónica Martín-Castaño

Timetable: Monday 2-3 pm (Spanish into English translation) and Tuesday 1-2 (English into Spanish translation)

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Module Credits: 30

Module Description

This course is open to exchange students whose first language is Spanish.

Non-native speakers who have an advanced knowledge of Spanish should consider Spanish through Translation (LL294)

This module is designed to meet the needs of undergraduates who wish to acquire basic translation skills and develop their language proficiency.

Students will work on translation from both Spanish to English and English to Spanish. The module is built around translating and discussing the translation of a variety of texts in both languages, to enable students to develop their translation skills, and in doing so to reach a high level of language proficiency. Furthermore, students acquire basic concepts about Translation Studies, which enable them to reflect upon and justify their own translations.

Course Text

No textbook is required. Selected texts will be provided. These are drawn on a variety of sources of texts in Spanish and in English (e.g. newspapers, novel excerpts, business correspondence, tourist literature, audiovisual fragments, etc.)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to:

· Demonstrate a high level of language proficiency by writing clear, well-structured translations of a variety of texts in Spanish and in English.

· Demonstrate an extended knowledge of English grammatical, lexical and idiomatic structures by applying a high level of analytical, reading and writing skills.

· Appreciate distinctions of style and register in written texts and select appropriate style and register in their own translations, taking into account their target readers.

· Show a higher degree of intercultural awareness by recognising and identifying elements, values and references proper to the cultures represented in the written documents studied.

· Evaluate and present critical analyses of linguistic and cultural issues and debate questions of style, register, syntax and vocabulary in a variety of written documents.


Dr Mónica Martín-Castaño and Peter O'Sullivan

Assessment Method

Students have to submit at the end of Term 2 a project which consists of the translation of two texts (one from English into Spanish, and another from Spanish into English), together with a commentary written in English reflecting upon and justifying their own translations.