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Gianni Amelio, Lamerica


Seminar Questions

  1. What is the attitude of Gino and Fiore towards the Albanians they meet?
  2. What techniques are used in the film to differentiate Gino from the Albanian people? (Think of physical appearance, clothing, camera work).
  3. How does the film undermine the notion of national identity as something fixed and stable?
  4. How does the film blur distinctions between Italians and Albanians?
  5. How does the film evoke Italy’s past? a) as a country of emigrants, b) as a colonial power
  6. Why is the film called Lamerica? Why no apostrophe?
  7. What is the role of television and popular culture in the film?
  8. What are the expectations of the Albanians who are trying to get to Italy, and how does Gino respond to these?
  9. What would you normally expect from a ‘road movie’? How does this film correspond?