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Esami finali

Esame scritto (Writing Exa m)

One Essay (no less than 400 words) and one Summary of a magazine article (250 words). You will have a choice of 5 essays.

t time allowed: 3 hours

Both sections carry equal weight. Dictionaries may not be used.

Esame Orale (Oral Exam)

The exam will consist of a 5-6 minutes presentation followed by questions from the examiners. Topics should be based on aspects of Italian culture, society and current affairs.

Date: week 4 - Students must inform the tutor of their chosen topic by Thursday week 2, 1 p.m. Appropriate forms will be provided in class.


The patterns of assessment are as follows:

-students who have spent the previous year in Italy: October aural 15%; October oral 15%

May oral 10%; Translation 30%; Essay 30%

- students who have not spent the previous year in Italy: May oral 20%; Translation 30%; Essay 30%