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IT401 - Translation


The course aims to improve the translation skills acquired in the previous year; to consolidate students’ ability to identify and discuss problematic issues encountered in the translation process –with particular attention to literary and critical texts- and to foster an awareness of structural, stylistic and cultural issues involved in the translation process.


Reference grammar book

Martin Maiden and Cecilia Robustelli. 2013. A reference grammar of modern Italian. London: Routledge (second edition).


This class is run as a workshop on a piece of translation that has been prepared during the previous week (deadline on Wednesdays, noon).
Students will work both individually and in groups. Students will translate from English into Italian and Italian into English (alternate weeks or groups of weeks). Passages selected for translation will belong to different registers, i.e. critical writing / literary theory, and fiction. Particular emphasis will be placed on the analysis and discussion of literary texts.