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The year abroad for students of German

Studying and working abroad

The Year Abroad is an integral part of all our degree programmes and plays a key role in ensuring that our students have excellent language skills when they graduate. The vast majority of our students spend the third year of their course abroad in Germany and Austria. However, if you are studying German AND Italian, or German AND Hispanic Studies, and you are starting Italian or Spanish from scratch, you may go abroad in your second year.

For some people spending a year abroad can be quite a daunting prospect; for others spending time in Germany, France or Italy is the very reason they decided to study modern languages in the first place. Have a look at what some of our recent graduates had to say on the matter!

Something unique: Schloss Dhaun

All German Dept students on the Year Abroad meet up together with the staff at our Easter Residential School at Schloss Dhaun. You will have a chance to talk to tutors about your progress and how best to prepare for your final year. Schloss Dhaun also has its own website which you might want to look at.

What are the options?
There are three ways you can spend your year abroad:
On an exchange at a German or Austrian university under the ERASMUS PLUS programme.

We have existing exchange programmes with Universities in Cologne, Berlin, Kiel, Würzburg, Vienna, Graz and others! Currently students enjoy a grant through the Erasmus Plus scheme. They attend tailor made courses in German for non-native speakers to enahcne their language skills, and attend seminars and lectures alongside German and Austrian students.

Working as a ‘language assistant,’ teaching English in a secondary school

We have a great success rate in placing students in a wide range of 11-18 schools throughout Germany and Austria, in urban and rural locations. We coach you through the process of applying through the British Council, who run the application process. Language assistants take part in an orientation course before starting, then move on to work in a school where they teach spoken English to small groups of pupils over one shcool year. They receive an allowance for their work in addition to the Erasmus grant.

Taking up a work placement

This option is primarily for students of German and Business. We can assist you in finding a placement with a German or Austrian business, company or appropriate organization. Whilst the impetus to find a placement lies with you, we help and advise you in negotiating a contract andliving allowance with your employer, and ensure you are truly emmersed in a German-speaking environment.