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English and French

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availability.

Year One

Core Module

Modern French Language (FR101-30)


Modern French Language I (for beginners, FR102-30, from 2021 entry)


Modes of Reading (EN122-30)

Optional Modules
  Choose one of the following French Studies option modules
  The Story of Modern France (FR121-30)  
  French Cultural Landmarks: Love, Language and Power (FR122-30)  
  And one option from:  
  Epic into Novel (EN101-30)  
  Medieval and Early Modern Literature (EN121-30)  

Modern World Literatures (EN123-30)


Year Two/Three

Core Modules

Modern French Language II (FR201-30)


Modern French Language II (FR202-30, post-beginners, from 2021 entry)

Optional Modules
  Intermediate Year French Modules (totalling 30 credits) May include SMLC LN modules
  Year 2 English Modules (totalling 60 credits)

Year Two/Three - Spent Abroad

Year Four

Core Modules
  Modern French Language III (FR301-30)
Optional Modules

Final Year French Modules (totalling 30 credits)* May include SMLC LN modules including LN400 Dissertation or LN401 Independent Research Project subject to the approval of the module convenor.


Final Year English Modules (totalling 60 credits)*

*Exceptional case for 15 credits external module may be allowed subject to the approval of the SMLC Director of Undergraduate Studies.