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German with Linguistics

The below course structure is indicative. Modules on offer change year on year, dependent on staff research interests and availability.

Year One

Core Modules
  Passion and Power: The Makings of Modern German Culture  

Year Two/Three

Core Modules
  Modern German Language II
  German Culture in the Age of Revolution, 1789-1848

ET229 Phonetics and Phonology (15 CATS)

ET230 Morphology and Syntax (15 CATS)

Optional Modules
Year 2 SMLC module (0-15 credits)

Year Two/Three - Spent Abroad

Year Four

Core Modules
  Modern German Language III
  The Writer and Imperial Germany 1871-1918
Optional Modules
Approved outside option (0-15 credits)
Linguistics Dissertation (ET315-30) or two of the following modules (30 credits)
  ET319 Professional Communication
  ET322 Intercultural Pragmatics
  ET327 Dialects

Course Structure

Dr Jim Jordan

German Studies