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Department of German Studies’ staff members James Jordan and Stephen Lamb co-edit new edition of complete works of Ernst Toller

Warwick German colleagues James Jordan and Stephen Lamb are proud to announce the publication this month of a new ‘kritische Studienausgabe’ of the complete works of Ernst Toller. In addition to newly edited versions of Toller’s more well-known plays, this new six-volume publication, the product of a major international fifteen-member collaborative editorial project, contains a wide range of additional material not included in previous Toller compilations, including the hitherto most extensive 1978 Hanser edition, or indeed published at all. A good deal of this new material can be found in volume 5, whose co-editors included Jim and Steve. Whereas Jim’s work focuses on Toller’s wide range of lyric poetry, Steve’s contribution relates to Toller’s short prose works, most of them either never previously published or confined to contemporary newspapers or journals, as well as to scripts for two films and his ‘Massenchorwerke’.

It is hoped that this new comprehensive edition of Toller’s prodigious output will provide a rich resource for new generations of Toller scholars for many years to come.

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Ernst Toller, Sämtliche Werke - Kritische Ausgabe

Im Auftrag der Ernst-Toller-Gesellschaft hg. von D. Distl, M. Gerstenbräun, T. Hoffmann, J. Jordan, S. Lamb, P. Langemeyer, K. Leydecker, S. Neuhaus, M. Pilz, K. Reimers, Ch. Schönfeld, G. Scholz, R. Selbmann, Th. Unger und I. Zanol

€ 289,00 (D) | € 297,10 (A) | SFr 362,00

Wallstein-Verlag. Lieferbar, 6 Bde., zus. 4304 S., 40 Abb., Leinen, Schutzumschlag, im Schuber, 13,8 x 23,0
ISBN: 978-3-8353-1335-4 (2014)