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Calling all students: Survey on the Future of SMLC!

Dear Students of SMLC - all years, all courses!


As a School we are entering a period of strategic reflection, taking stock both of what we offer in our curriculum and how we deliver it, and considering what we might like to do differently in future. As you may know, we value the student voice hugely in SMLC. For this reason we are asking for your input at this crucial time. I know, we’re hitting you with another survey and this at a busy time. You may even fell you have survey overload. However, this one really will feed right into what we do over this coming summer as academics, as we plan for the SMLC's future after the difficult period of the pandemic, Brexit and after some pretty big political shockwaves have been sent through public and university life in recent years.


The survey won’t take long, but it will ask you to reflect. It is a narrative, qualitative survey, rather than a tick box affair. You might need to think about your answers for a while and you’ll be asked to write. It is anonymous, though it will ask for a little information about your course details.


The survey can be found under this link: To make this have an impact, we need to ask you to complete your survey by 11 June 2021. I will send reminders - for which I apologise in advance!


It risks sounding trite to say that you’re helping to shape our future, but you genuinely are. I’d like to thank you in advance for your time, energy and engagement.


Take care and best of luck for your remaining exams and assessments!