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Lella Costa


Lella Costa, author and actress, holds a BA degree in Italian literature and graduated from the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan . She performed her first monologue, written by Stella Leonetti, entitled Repertorio cioè l’orfana e il reggicalze (RepertoireThat is the Orphan and the Suspender Belt) in 1980. She experimented with the theatre-cabaret with another monologue, written in 1985 by Patrizia Balzanelli; in March 1987 she premiered the cabaret show Adlib, as actress and author, followed by Coincidenze (Coincidences). In February 1990 she stages her third monologue, Malsottile (Consuption), an ironical reflection on the theme of historic memory. In 1991 she makes her debut with Due (Two) her only play which is not a monologue.

Her monologue Magoni (Sorrowing) was premiered in January 1994. In January 1996 she staged Stanca di Guerra (Tired of War) co-written with the writer Alessandro Baricco. In February 2000, at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan , she performed Precise parole (Specific Words), adapted from Othello; in 2001 she took part in the Vagina Monologues at the Salone Pierlomabrdo in Milan . In 2008 she was the only Italian actress to be invited to the V-Day USA in New Orleans . In October 2002 her show Traviata was premiered at the Arena Del Sole in Bologna . In 2005 she premiered Alice, una meraviglia di Paese (Alice, a Wonder Land) co-written with Giorgio Gallione, Massimo Cirri and Adriano Sofri. (music by Stefano Bollani).

Television and Cinema: La TV delle ragazze (The Girls’ TV) Ladri di saponette (Bar Soaps’ Thieves). In January 2007 she premieres Amleto (Hamlet) co-written with Giorgio Gallione and Massimo Cirri.

Books: La daga nel loden (The Dagger in the Loden), a collection of her plays until 1991 (Feltrinelli, 1992); Che faccia fare (Feltrinelli, 1998); audio-book Donne dagli Occhi Grandi (Women with Big Eyes), by Ángeles Mastretta, reading accompanied by music by Stefano Bollani (2006); La sindrome di Gertrude – Quasi un’autobiografia (Rizzoli) co-written with Andrea Càsoli (Rizzoli, 2009).

Lella Costa is actively engaged with the humanitarian organization Emergency, which provides medical support to populations living in conflict zones.