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Italian Studies events archive

Italian Studies Doctoral Colloquia (ISDC)

A series of seminars run by the community of PhD students in Italian Studies.

History & Fiction Reading Group

The History & Fiction Reading Group is open to all students and staff in Italian.

Society for Italian Studies Interim Conference 2014: Interstitial Italy: Reassessing Global Questions through the 'Peculiar' Italian Case

The British School at Rome, Thursday 27th - Friday 28th March 2014. Organisers Jenny Burns and Fabio Camilletti.

Conference: "Geographies of Man. Environmental Influence from Antiquity to the Enlightenment"

University of Warwick, Friday 16th May 2014. Organisers Sara Miglietti, John Morgan, Rebecca Taylor.
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Conference: 'Readers and Spectators in Italy. Towards the Formation of a National Audience'

Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Cannaregio, Venice. Friday 17th - Saturday 18th May 2013. Organizers: Jennifer Burns, Ann Hallamore Caesar, Gabriella Romani, Katrin Wehling-Giorgi.
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Conference: 'Rome's Modernity: Trauma, Fracture, Narration'

The British School at Rome, Wednesday 17th - Friday 19th October 2012. Organizers: Jennifer Burns, Lesley Caldwell (UCL), Fabio Camilletti, Dom Holdaway, Filippo Trentin.
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Workshop: The Female 'Other': Subversive Women in 19th and 20th Century Literary and Cultural Production

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Sing aloud harmonious spheres: Music, Philosophy and the Order of the Universe in the Renaissance

International Conference, 12-15 May 2011, Palazzo Papafava, Venice organised by Jacomien Prins (Oxford) and Maude Vanhaelen (Warwick).

International Theatre Conference: Empowering Marginalized Voices in Theatre

Department of Italian, University of Warwick 11th May 2011, Millburn House. Convenors: Alessandra De Martino Cappuccio and Paola Toninato.
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Postgraduate Colloquium for the Society for Italian Studies

The 2010 Postgraduate Colloquium for the Society for Italian Studies took place at the University of Warwick, on 5 June 2010. The event was funded by the Society for Italian Studies. The event was a great success, with several papers of a very high quality, signalling a promising future for Italianistica. The event was organized by Dom Holdaway, Mariarita Martino Grisa', Clea Rivalta & Caterina Sinibaldi.
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Translating Theatre. Migrating Text(s)

Department of Italian, Centre for Applied Linguistics, Capital Centre. 12 June 2010.
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Da 'Sodoma' a 'Gomorra'

Framing Crisis and Rebirth in Contemporary Italian Cinema (1970s - 2000s). 22-24 January 2010.

Reading through Dante's Poets

A reading through some Canti of Dante's Commedia, followed by poetry inspired by Dante. 3 June 2010.
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IAS Visiting Fellow

Donna Gabaccia at Warwick, May 2009.

Enlightening encounters: Italian literature and photography through time, 13-14 March 2009

Since 1839, when the invention of the daguerreotype was made public, literature has incorporated, resisted, rejected or adapted photography through language and the written word. On the other hand, photography has, on various occasions, re-constructed, evoked, emulated or interrogated the written text and the literary world. The relationship between the two has always been that of an illuminating, reciprocal exchange of voices and images, words and light.

Over the last few years academics and intellectuals have been demonstrating an increasing interest in the interaction between literature and photography. However, it is evident that studies and research on this topic have mostly been carried out in the fields of German, English, French and American Studies. Enquiries on the interrelations between the photographic image and writing have often been neglected or underestimated in Italian Studies so that a series of questions are still waiting to be fully answered or clarified. This conference aims to explore some of these questions and seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussions of various aspects of the dialogue between Italian literature and the photographic medium.

Languages at Play: Theatre Translation as Cultural Transfer, 31 May 2008

Milburn House, University of Warwick. Convened by Alessandra De Martino Cappuccio and Silvija Jestrovic.
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AHRC diasporas, migration and identities workshop Series. mobility and identity formation: an interdisciplinary approach to the "italian case", 1 November 2006 and 15-16 June 2007

This series of interdisciplinary workshops explored notions and representations of mobility emerging from the experience of migration between Italy and other countries (European and non-European) in the 20th century and up to today. The particular case of Italy offers a starting point for interdisciplinary discussion of concepts of mobility and identity formation, combining experiences of emigration, internal migration, and immigration. The series closed with a colloquium held at Warwick on 15-16 June, 2007.

"Between peterborough and pentecost": nonsense literature across space and time 12-13 May 2006

An international conference organized by Carlo Caruso and Elisabetta Tarantino with Ingrid De Smet and Helmut Schmitz, and funded by the Humanities Research Centre of the University of Warwick, the British Academy, and the Italian Cultural Institute. The conference proceedings are published as Nonsense and Other Senses. Dysfunctional Communication and Regulated Absurdity in Literature, ed. Carlo Caruso and Elisabetta Tarantino (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing; 2008).