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Questions and Answers

1. Should we submit entries as a whole school or individually by pupil?

You can choose either way. Each submission allows 10 files. If you submit more than 10 entries together, you may consider using a zip file. Please remember to write down the pupil’s name and the year group on each piece of work.

2. What file types should we submit?

All major file types are accepted; please contact us if you have any difficulties with submission.

3. Can native or near native speakers enter the competitions?

Yes: please make sure you complete the relevant boxes on the submission form.

4. Are pupils being judged primarily on their language skills or on their creativity?

We will be looking primarily at the creativity and imagination we see in pupils' responses. Where pupils have submitted entries in the target language, we will not be evaluating the accuracy of the language - we just want pupils to feel they can have a go at expressing themselves in the TL. As you've seen, pupils are also welcome to respond to some competitions in English, and we will judge these entries separately.

5. When will we know the results?

We will be looking at the entries over our Easter break and you will be informed of the results at the beginning of Term 3.

6. What will happen to our pupils’ work after the competitions?

We will create a web page to showcase a range of entries (including, but not limited to, winning entries.) We're keen to share responses with the ML community.

7. Should pupils handwrite the story or word process it?

Pupils can submit either handwritten or word-processed entries - whichever is easier for you.

8. How many entries can each school submit?

Each school can submit as many entries as it likes: we will be judging the submissions on an individual basis.

9. Which year groups can enter competitions?

Any year from Y3 to Y13.

10. Can pupils who have never learnt any of the target languages enter competitions?

Yes, they can - they can respond to the stories in English.

11. Can pupils choose whichever story to read and join the competition no matter which foreign language they are studying now?

Yes - we have provided translations so that pupils can access all stories and respond to them.