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It’s time for you to put your creative cap on! There are three competitions for you to pick your fancy from, or maybe you could have a go at all three. Have a go by yourself, work with a friend, or your whole class! Prizes are up for grabs in the form of vouchers, so go for it…

Note: With participant's permission, the work of some or all entrants will be showcased on our website. The copyright of each piece of work will remain with the participant. The School of Modern Languages and Cultures will have the right in perpetuity to publish the work.


Select one of the stories from the booklet (your teacher might help you do this). Illustrate the story and write up to 100 words explaining what inspired your picture.


Select one of the stories from the booklet and imagine what happens next. Try and write 200-250 words!


Select one of the stories from the booklet. What picture does it give the readers of life in another country?

Imagine you are writing a review of 150-200 words for a blog / online magazine.

Cover the following points in your review:

  • Does the story tell us about new experiences?
  • Does it make these exciting / interesting? How?
  • Does the writer use their imagination to make the story interesting? How?
  • What kinds of readers would like this story?