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LN904 Dissertation in Translation Studies

This module constitutes the final dissertation for students enrolled on the MA in Translation and Cultures (60 CATS). It aims to enable students to develop their understanding and gain practical experience of the process and skills required to undertake a supervised translation and/or research project. Through a combination of independent research and targeted support and feedback sessions, it will help students to produce a coherent and logically argued piece of writing that demonstrates knowledge of and critical ability in a chosen area, commensurate with the accomplishment of an MA degree.

Potential supervisors for the MA dissertation in Translation and Transcultural Studies include:
  • Dr Anna Lanfranchi
  • Dr Qian Liu
  • Dr Sijing Lu
  • Dr David Orrego-Carmona
  • Dr Caroline Summers
  • Dr Olga Castro (on leave T1 and T2)
  • Dr Will Amos (on leave T2 and T3)
  • Dr Mila Milani (currently on maternity leave)

Students will then choose one of three dissertation models with which to complete their 15,000-word dissertation:

  • translation with commentary (normally comprising up to 1/2 translation and 1/2 commentary);
  • a comparative commentary on existing translations;
  • a dissertation on a topic related to translation and/or transcultural studies and/or intercultural difference.

Although students may choose to study any of the above languages (indeed including references to other materials/languages where relevant), students providing their own original translation are expected to translate into their first language.

This module will allow students to:

  • Plan and write a dissertation that evaluates and synthesises written and optionally also audio-visual materials in a sustained piece of individual, academic research on a chosen topic which has been approved by the Module Leader
  • Develop independent and advanced critical research and project management skills Critically engage with and integrate theory and method in their chosen field of study
  • Research issues in translation and transcultural studies, including recent approaches, current problems and potential future developments
  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of specific translation practices and the role of translation, the translator and translation studies more broadly in resolving linguistic and cultural challenges in communication
  • Develop an advanced awareness of the role of translation, the translator and translation studies in various areas of cultural production, activities and exchange (i.e. audio-visual media, publishing, localisation etc.), depending on the chosen area of study.

Submission dates for LN904 in 2023/24: TBC September 2024, 11.59am.

Please refer to the Moodle page of LN904 for more detailed information about the MA dissertation.