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Faculty of Arts at Home - Film 30: Christmas Drinks

Tying in with the Food GRP’s programme of events for this month’s Resonate Festival theme of ‘Feast!’, in this video Professor Rebecca Earle discusses the history of mulled wine and other Christmas drinks. Grab a glass and hear how these drinks have been part of Christmas celebrations over the centuries!

Tue 14 Dec 2021, 14:00 | Tags: History Warwick Faculty of Arts at Home

Faculty of Arts at Home: Film 29 - Coventry in the (Ancient) World

In the latest Faculty of Arts at Home video, Dr Paul Grigsby discusses Coventry’s ancient history, tying in with the Resonate festival’s theme of ‘Coventry in the World’ for November. Dr Grigsby uses the history beneath our feet to explore how Coventry has been a place of continual cultural change since prehistoric times, using archaeological evidence to trace how people from around the world have come to this diverse city.

Faculty of Arts at Home 27: Challenges for Sustainable Cities

As countries around the world come together to tackle the threat of climate change at the COP26 climate summit, the question of how cities can become more sustainable has never been more important. Tying in with the Resonate Festival’s theme of Futures, Dr Jonathan Clarke in Global Sustainable Development discusses what some of the key challenges are for transforming our cities to become more resilient, equitable and sustainable to adapt to our changing world.

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