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Hauntings - Screenings around Coventry

Have you ever looked at part of a city and wanted to see through time, to catch a glimpse of the history of a street, or a building, or a park? Join us as we haunt Coventry, bringing the city's history to life in a series of screenings from our archives.

Previous Hauntings...

Haunting #1 - Remembering Coventry a week long exhibition at ShopFront Theatre, City Arcade, Coventry

Haunting #2 - Ghost Town Preview: "Coventry Kids: People of a Restless City" (BBC – 1960) 45 mins and "Coventry Cathedral/An Act of Faith" (BBC – 1962) 24 mins

Haunting #3 - Ska Town, Ghost Town: Arena: Rudies Come Back (BBC2, 1980) 30 mins and Play for Today: Three Minute Heroes (BBC2, 1982) - June 2018.

Ghost Town's Coventry Industry Showreel was featured in the 2018 Screening Rights Film Festival. Click here for press release and trailer.

Haunting #4 - Cathedral of Culture - 29th of December 2018.

Haunting #5 - Acts of Faith - 16th of May 2020.