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GIS Tools Contents


  • This is the official QGIS training manual. It has tips/advice for any operation that can be performed within QGIS. It's super comprehensive but does not offer courses/workshops as it focuses on specific tools but it is a great resource if you become stuck on a specific problem.
  • This has lots of short exercises to try and is definitely a good place to start learning from. I would recommend starting with the basic operations as this will show how the user interacts with the software. If this is boring/very easy, then start completing some of the intermediate and advanced operations. The 'creating heatmaps' operation is quite a good starter exercise. There are also further tutorials on scripting using PyQGIS and web mapping.
  • This is an online course offered by a staff member at CUNY. To the left there are slides with a lecture style intro to GIS. You then have the PDF tutorial manual and the data zipped in a folder ready to download. Start with the lecture, download the PDF and follow the steps!
  • Klas Karlsson has some good Youtube videos that do all sorts of operations from beginners to advanced spatial analyses. For a beginners tutorial see:
  • Free online courses at udemy - great place to start if you are a beginner but also offers courses to experienced users too!


  • Online tutorials for ArcMap - would probably start having a look at this to build confidence then start exploring more advanced tools/spatial analytics. They also have live events/webinars that are incredible!


ยท Provides access to a comprehensive library of courses associated with ESRI products (not just ArcMap). This is useful if you have mastered the basics or QGIS/ArcMap and want to explore the realm of opportunities in other ESRI products OR you want to develop skills within a particular area of geospatial science i.e. Mapping and visualisation, scripting, monitoring, analytics.