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September 2021

Essential tasks to get you set up for teaching in term one.

  1. Check that you have the basic skills and knowledge for essential teaching tools at Warwick
  2. Know your department's Moodle Super User
  3. Know how you and your students can get help quickly and effectively
  4. Check access permissions for videos stored in Microsoft Stream
  5. Set up Teams spaces for online and hybrid teaching
  6. Prepare and publish reading lists with Talis Aspire
  7. Prepare and open (unhide) Moodle module spaces
  8. Visit your on-campus teaching spaces either physically or virtually, familiarise yourself with the AV technology and connectivity options, check that you're equipment is able to connect to wifi (which must now use eduroam, not hotspot secure).
  9. Book Echo360 recordings of live on-campus lectures or similar sessions, including completing the consent form for speakers
  10. Join the Arts Faculty TEAL support community in Microsoft Teams

Things you might want to work on before the term starts

  • Record video lectures
  • Deepen your knowledge of tools for online small group teaching, tutorials, and student projects - contact Robert O'Toole to discuss this.
  • If your students do digital-based assessed work, tell them about the annual Digital Arts Lab Showcase, a competition with prizes for the best digital work by students.

Things you might want to try or investigate during the term

Things we are working on in the medium to long term

Get in touch with Robert O'Toole and Rebecca Stone if you are interested in these projects or have suggestions for improvements and developments:

  • Improving the flow of information about technology and teaching for the Arts Faculty.
  • Immersive experiences (VR, AR, MR) skills and facilities in the Faculty, for creating and using experiences in teaching, research, and public engagement, including guides to teaching and assessment.
  • A Cartoon Abstracts project, in which students learn to create graphic novel style presentations of Arts and Humanities research abstracts - see these amazing examples.
  • A Warwick University Virtual Museum.
  • Coding Club based in the Faculty, but open to all, for people wanting to develop programming and design skills.
  • The Warwick Teachnology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Fest will take place at the end of the Spring Term 2022 (probably in week beginning 14th March).