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Campus Room Information

  • For a detailed insight into the AV Services approach to our AV Room Types and Technology Standards.
  • Certain activities on Campus can require prior planning and preparation. The following pages aim to maximise information for anyone looking to use AV Facilities prior to use.
  • Booking an appropriate space with the correct technology can be vital for the effective delivery of teaching and events. AV Services advise consulting the appropriate Room Information or Facilities Search as well as the Timetabling Team to ensure the correct provisioning.
  • If you are looking for a specific space or information that isn't listed please Ask us a Question and let us know which space or technology you would like more information on.

This service offers an overview of all technology within teaching rooms across campus.

If you wish to learn more about a particular technology included within teaching spaces the relevant information and training material can be found on our Teaching Room Technologies page.

Each item is representative of a keyword that can be used to search for specific rooms with the associated technology within our facilities search feature.

Please note just because a technology is listed on this page it does not mean that it is installed universally across all rooms. Please see the relevant Room Information for specific room equipment details.

This service offers 360° photos of spaces across campus. Each page includes a list of available technology, campus map location and booking link for each room.

Centrally Timetabled Rooms

Locally Timetabled Rooms

Meeting Room & Committee Rooms

To search for specific technology across campus use our facilities search.

Central Timetabled Room Facilities Search

Locally Timetabled Room Facilities Search

This service is split across room ownership. If a room is bookable by any staff member then it will be a Centrally Timetabled Room and will be managed by Space Management. If a room is locally owned then it will be managed by a specific department and will likely only be bookable by members of that department.

Learn more about the various Lectern Types and Audio & Video connectivity options we provide on campus.

This service outlines what provisions are in place for connecting portable electronic devices and what types of lecterns are available in Centrally Timetabled Rooms and Meeting Rooms.

For more information about connectivity within a specific space, see the relevant 360° Room Information.

Lectern Types



Solstice Wireless Casting


For more information and guidance on our Teaching Room Technologies, see our Training Pages.


For more information and guidance see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Estates Service Desk

Electrics | Plumbing | Buildings | Carpentry | Grounds | Mechanical Services

If you notice any faults within a room or building such as damaged furniture, issues with plumbing, temperature control, lighting or power please report this to our colleagues in Estates. For emergency or same day priority assistance: Ext. 75100

Cleaning Services by Location

If you need to get in touch with the cleaning staff for your building, please see our list of contacts by location.


For missing or surplus/excessive furniture, blackboard rubbers, whiteboard pens (Edding 363 is recommended), blackboard chalk (Hagoromo Fulltouch is recommended) and consumables of that nature, please contact:

Central Timetabling Team

If you find someone else in a centrally timetabled room that you believe you have previously booked, please contact the Timetabling Team on 024 761 51203 or 024 765 24424

For any other issue relating to the improper usage of Centrally Timetabled Rooms please contact:

Want to speak to one of your local departmental timetabling representatives?

Just want to talk to someone from AV?

If you'd like to get some advice, you can get hold of us as follows:

024 765 22463
*Please select Audio Visual