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LGBTQ+ History Month

Going live this LGBTQ+ History Month

Living Positively

We're supporting everyone to live, work, and study positively at Warwick. This project works to improve access to support for HIV+ staff and students, provide information on HIV testing and prevention, and develop understanding and allyship.

Gender Expression Fund

Warwick Pride are proud to be running the second year of the Gender Expression Fund: a community-led fund that transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming students can use to buy up to £50 of gender-affirming items.


Connecting estranged students with support and community, Solo educates supporters, researches estranged students' experiences, and improves access to support, with the ultimate goal of improving estranged students' experiences at Warwick.

Chosen names on ID cards

University ID cards at Warwick will now use chosen name data instead of legal name data. You can request a reprint of your card if you'd like a new one which reflects this change. All future cards issued will use chosen names as standard.

LGBTQ+ themed events this term

What We Know: Our LGBTQUIA+ Students


Friday 10th February, 1-2pm

Associated digital resource

How many students are LGBTQUIA+? How do their experiences and outcomes differ from non-LGBTQUIA+ students? This session will look at LGBTQUIA+ student prevalence, experience, and outcomes across eleven key themes including wellbeing, attainment, and withdrawal.

Key issues affecting trans students in HE


Tuesday 14th February, 1-2pm

Presentation slides

This webinar will explore some of the major issues affecting trans inclusion and trans students' experiences in HE, including the mischaracterisation of free speech and academic freedom.

Trans-Inclusive Teaching


Monday 20th February, 3-4pm, FAB0.23

Inform your teaching practice with this masterclass on trans-including teaching & learning, focusing on practical applications of the Ward-Gale model of LGBTQ-inclusivity in HE.

Shifting Demographics: what the Census tells us


Associated digital resource

Wednesday 22nd February, 2-3pm

Bi people make up two-thirds of LGBTQ+ 16-24s but just a quarter of LGBTQ+ 55-64s. Discover how the make-up of our community is changing through an exploration of the recent Census 2021 data.

Britons and Gender Identity: Navigating Common Ground


Monday 27th February, 11-11:45am

More in Common will present a summary of the findings from their 'Britons and Gender Identity: Navigating common ground and division' research.

LGBTQUIA+ Inclusive Data Collection & Analysis

Hybrid workshop

Tuesday 14th March, 4-5pm, MB0.08

Ares Osborn and Sam Parr will offer insight into inclusive data collection & analysis practice, focusing on gender, sexual orientation, and trans identity data.

Challenging Disinformation about Trans Inclusion


Thursday 16th March, 4-5pm, OC1.08

Frustrated by the amount of false information spread to attack trans people and their rights? This workshop offers effective strategies to challenge disinformation about trans people and trans-related issues, from bathrooms to boardrooms.

Inclusive Name and Pronouns Practice


Tuesday 21st March, 1-2pm

Do you ask how to pronounce someone's name if you're unsure? What's in your email signature? Jane Bryan and Sam Parr explore what inclusive name and pronouns practice looks like in an HE context.

Supporting LGBTQUIA+ personal tutees


Date & time TBC

This session will offer guidance for personal tutors on creating LGBTQUIA+ inclusive spaces for personal tutees, including support & signposting on key issues intersecting with LGBTQUIA+ students' experiences.

Other ways to engage

Films at the Arts Centre with LGBTQ+ themes this month

Blue Jean

Friday 10th - Thursday 16th February

In Georgia Oakley’s quiet and soulful drama, a closeted PE teacher reckons with her identity during the introduction of stigmatising law to Thatcherite Britain.

CW: homophobia


Friday 24th February - Thursday 2nd March

A conservative family in Pakistan is torn apart when a son falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer, in Saim Sadiq’s riveting queer drama.

CW: discrimination and suicide

Women Talking

Friday 17th - Thursday 23rd February

Sarah Polley’s fearless adaptation of Miriam Toews’ acclaimed novel about a cloistered world where women struggle with an epidemic of abuse.

CW: sexual violence and domestic abuse