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Trans Day of Visibility

The Pride Progress flag colours

Trans Day of Visibility (31st March) marks a time to celebrate our trans community and to raise awareness of ongoing challenges to trans inclusion.

Every member of our community can make a difference in building a more trans-inclusive University. Here are four key ways to get involved:

Attend our trans inclusion briefing

Join us on Friday 5th April, 12-1pm via Teams for an overview of current trans inclusion work at Warwick, as well as opportunities for staff and students to contribute.

Please use this Teams joining link to attend the briefing.

Develop inclusive pronoun practices

Our pronouns pledge makes it simple to engage with inclusive best practice on pronouns, and to join a movement of people taking these steps together.

We offer free pronoun badges, as well as resources on key topics such as challenging incorrect pronouns and misgendering.

Attend a training session

Embark on a transformative journey with our "Pride in Progress" workshops, a series on inclusive excellence designed exclusively for our University community. Crafted with the expertise of our own community members, this program offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding, enhance your confidence, and actively engage with LGBTQUIA+ inclusion practices.

Explore the resources available

The Queering University resource library offers a range of self-education and reference resources, including:

For more information, please contact the programme team via