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Trans Day of Visibility 2023

Trans Day of Visibility is an important day to celebrate our trans community and trans-inclusive practices within our wider University community, as well as raising awareness of the challenges trans people still face at Warwick and beyond. It serves as an opportunity to recognise the diverse experiences of trans staff and students, and to work towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society.

Here are five things everyone in our community can do to support Trans Day of Visibility:

  1. Educate yourself: Learn about the experiences and challenges faced by trans people. You can do this by reading books, watching films, documentaries or videos, and listening to trans voices (such as by following trans social media profiles). (You can also ask anonymous questions here.)
  2. Use inclusive language: Use gender-neutral language where appropriate, and avoid making assumptions about people's gender identity based on their appearance or physical characteristics. Respect and use a person's chosen name and pronouns. (You can make the Pronouns Pledge here.)
  3. Advocate for trans rights: Speak up in response to transphobia, and the exclusionary behaviours that stem from it. Attend events, sign petitions, and support organisations that work towards protecting and advancing trans rights. (Become a departmental contact for LGBTQUIA+ inclusion work here.)
  4. Act as an ally: Listen to and support trans people. Be there for them as an ally, friend, or family member. Amplify their voices and stand up for them when they face challenges. (Find out more about allyship here.)
  5. Create safer spaces: Ensure that your spaces, at work and outside of work, are welcoming and inclusive of people of all genders, cis and trans. Encourage others to do the same, and educate those around you on the importance of trans inclusion. (Find our library of guidance and resources on inclusive practice here.)
Tue 28 Mar 2023, 21:48 | Tags: awareness day