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CO903 Online Course Materials 2009-10

Complexity and Chaos in Dynamical Systems

Lecturer: Yulia Timofeeva (Office: D2.12, Centre for Complexity Science, Zeeman building)

Lecture Notes

Fireflies (paper of Ermentrout & Rinzel)

Exam questions


Assignment 1 is due on Thursday, 26 November at 10am

Assignment 2 is due on Tuesday, 8 December at 5pm

XPPAUT models


XPPAUT - a tool for simulating, animating and analysing dynamical systems

Version for Windows

B. Ermentrout (2002) "Simulating, Analyzing, and Animating Dynamical Systems (A guide to XPPAUT for researchers and students)" (SIAM)

Examples from the book (.ode files)