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Recent Developments in the Dallmann Lab

Kristin Abraham wins Blue Sky Award

Congratulations to Kristin for winning the prize for best presentation at the 2018 Warwick Medical School Post-Graduate Research Student Symposium. She presented part of her PhD project work on chronotherapy with a potential new osmium chemotherapeutic.


Thu 07 June 2018, 13:16 | Tags: Award, 2018, Student

Want to know the best time for taking drugs?

Robert talks about Chronotheray at Pint of Science 2018 in Coventry

Pint For Science

Quench your thirst for knowledge - Pint of Science 2018 tickets on sale from 9 April!

Thu 05 April 2018, 16:51 | Tags: Chronotherapy, Outreach, 2018

URSS fellowship success

Rilind has received a URSS fellowship to join us to perform a project on circadian real-time reporters this summer. Welcome and well done!

Thu 29 March 2018, 16:33 | Tags: Award, 2018, Student

Talk about clocks at Café Scientifique in Leamington Spa

How does your biological clock tick? And what does that have to do with chronic diseases or treating them?

Come and find out at Café Scientifique in Leamgton Spa on 19 March.

Mon 12 March 2018, 20:40 | Tags: Chronotherapy, Circadian, Outreach, 2018

Blood Brain Barrier permeability is rhythmically regulated by the circadian clock

The Scientis article about a very neat Drosophila paper from the Seghal group dissecting the mechanism of effluc transporter regulation in the BBB.

Thu 08 March 2018, 19:36 | Tags: News, 2018

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