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Academic Clinical Fellow Testimonials

James Masters, former Warwick ACF

I was an orthopaedic trainee with an interest in surgical site infection (SSI). Initially I had looked at what could be learnt from the use of novel genomic techniques in the pathogenesis of SSI. Latterly I looked to set up a trial comparing the effect of incisional negative pressure wound therapy on rates of infection in the hip fracture cohort.

Tim Robbins imageTim Robbins, former Warwick ACF

My research interests focus around the Health Informatics and Healthcare Processes associated with chronic disease management, in particular Endocrine/Metabolic disorders. My work has contributed to the Royal College of Physicians Future Hospitals Commission Report and NHS England's Winter Planning. I work across Warwick Medical School and the Institute of Digital Healthcare at Warwick University. I have additional interests in the interplay between postgraduate clinical training and patient care, with projects considering the safe changeover of trainees, improved consent training, and facilitating medical leadership and management.

Alex Aquilina, former Warwick ACF

I was an academic clinical fellow in trauma and orthopaedic surgery with academic interest in orthopaedic trauma surgery. In particular my interest lay in the use of outcome measures for reporting clinical outcomes for patients sustaining open tibia fractures. I aim to develop a core outcome set in this area as part of a PhD thesis over the coming 3 years. I have developed my systematic review skills whilst studying for a Health Sciences MSc at the University of Warwick. I felt very fortunate be a member of the IAT group at the University of Warwick and University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

Saran Shantikumar, former Warwick ACF

I was an academic clinical fellow (ACF) in public health at the University of Warwick. Prior to this, I held academic foundation and ACF posts in vascular surgery (Leeds, Oxford), and completed a PhD (Bristol) on the role of microRNAs (a form of non-coding RNA) in cardiac and peripheral vascular disease. Despite switching to public health, I maintain an interest in molecular biology and in cardiovascular and other chronic disease. I completed a Masters in Genomics (funded by Health Education England) and am now exploring research opportunities in genomics which have relevance to public health.

Rochelle Velho, ACF

I am a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in ACCS-Anaesthesia and Intensive Care with rotations within the West Midlands Deanery. I am also undertaking a part-time Masters in Public Health at the University of Warwick in tandem with my clinical commitments. My primary research interests are in critical care

medicine with translational research applications from the aerospace medical sector.

 bpBen Perry, ACF

My research interests lie primarily in the constantly blurring boundary between physical health conditions and psychiatry. This has led to me completing work on the link between diabetes and schizophrenia with regards to inflammation and neuroinflammation; diabetes, depression and ethnicity - again via inflammation
and neuroinflammation, and some work on biomarkers in bipolar affective disorder. I also have an interest in the impacts of the Mental Health Act, and have been involved two studies - one quantitative and one qualitative on this topic so far.

Petra Hanson, ACF

I am an academic clinical fellow in endocrinology and my main interests are in metabolism and obesity. My FY2 research block in the Human Metabolic Research Chambers inspired me to continue my research path in metabolism and I am hoping to undertake some work on brown fat tissue in very near future. I am also very interested in medical education. I have successfully run clinical anatomy course at UHCW for the past three years and I am hoping to finish Masters of Medical Education at Warwick University over the next few years.

Damir Rasidovic, ACF

My current research interests revolve around patient factors that may be responsible for our decision making when it comes to revision knee arthroplasty. As the name suggests revision knee arthroplasty is a procedure where one or several components of the previously replaced knee prosthesis are revised due to equipment failure or patients dissatisfaction. Current research to date has focused on indications, prosthetics used and type of surgery performed without extrapolating possible important patients factors (age, sex, co-morbidities, BMI, mental health) that may have a role on the overall outcome of the procedure. Thus with that in mind if I could identify a possible modifiable factor that could improve our patients satisfaction and hence outcome then a study looking into this would not only benefit our patients but the National Health Service itself by reducing the overall burden such surgery places on the system.

michaelthomas_image.jpgMichael Thomas, ACF

The project we are pursuing has arisen from some recent research from within the department that has suggested that a poorly understood membrane protein has some significance in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLSC). The intention of the ACF project is to investigate what this role might be and could there be any therapeutic interventions applied to it? I hope to develop a better appreciation of sound research techniques and statistical analysis that would help in future research opportunities throughout my career. I would also hope to apply some of these to the field of head and neck pathology coming from a dental and medical background.

Emily Smith, ACF

I am a Public Health ACF. My research interests are in maternal and child health, with particular interests around the early years and child and adolescent mental health.

Chris Wilding imageChris Wilding, ACF

I am an Academic Clinical Fellow in Trauma and Orthopaedics based at UHCW. After undertaking a research post at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital during my Academic Foundation Programme, and spending some time working at a cancer centre in India, my research interest is focused around the field of Orthopaedic Oncology. My proposed PhD project will be looking to better define the malignant spectrum of neoplastic lesions arising from cartilage. With a better definition of which lesions have higher metastatic potential and poorer outcomes we may be able to better select those patients requiring operative management and those we are able to treat less aggressively. The hope is that this will improve survival in those patient with high grade chondrosarcomas whilst also reducing the morbidity associated with extreme tumour resections in those patients with lower grade chondrosarcomas.

Michael Rimmer, ACF

Currently, I am an academic clinical fellow in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. I have a broad range of research interests, in particular translational work surrounding the role of infection in recurrent miscarriage. I am currently working on establishing the link between poor pregnancy outcomes and endometrial inflammation with the view to setting up a clinical trial and undertaking a PhD.

sarah_hillman_image_cropped.jpgSarah Hillman, ACF

I am an ACF in Primary Care and a trainee on the Coventry and Warwickshire GP VTS programme. I started my career as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee and gained research skills as an ACF (at the University of Warwick) and then Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham gaining my PhD in 2014. I am now pursuing a career as an Academic GP after changing training schemes in 2015. My current research interests lie in the areas of Women’s health and Genetics in Primary Care. Primary Care is undergoing many challenges and transitions and I believe that well conducted research rather than political “sound bites” will be the key to successful change. The Primary Care Unit at Warwick is successful and expanding. If you have interest in becoming an academic GP (trainee or post CCT) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.