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Awards and Prizes

  • January 2007: Best Paper Award for a Young Investigator for "Differential Reactivity of Individual Zinc Ions in Clusters from Bacterial Metallothioneins"
  • August 2008: Oksana Leszczyszyn wins Prize for best talk for "Correlating structure, properties and function of zinc-binding metallothionein from wheat embryos" (Rank Prize Funds-organised minisymposium on Transport of Micronutrients in Animals and Plants, Lake District)
  • March 2009: Jin Lu wins prize for best poster (WCAS launch event, University of Warwick)
  • June 2010: Greg Kowald wins Best Poster Price at Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium:
  • 1st June 2011: Greg Kowald wins a runner-up prize for his 3rd year talk: link 
  • 18th June 2011: Greg's streak of successes continues! He wins a first prize for his Poster "Metal ion discrimination by metallothioneins" on the 3rd International Symposium on Metallomics in Münster, Germany: link