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Here are some links to relevant publications (Non-exhaustive list; Subscription might be required for some of them)

A novel copper site in a cyanobacterial metallochaperone (2004) (published in Biochem. J.)

Comparative modelling of human PHOSPHO1 reveals a new group of phosphatases within the haloacid dehalogenase superfamily (2003) (published in Protein engineering, design and selection)

Interdomain Zinc Site on Human Serum Albumin (2003) (Published in PNAS)

Inert Site in a Protein Zinc Cluster: Isotope Exchange by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (2003) (published in JACS)

Multiple bacteria encode metallothioneins and SmtA-like zinc fingers (2002) (published in Mol. Microbiol.)

A metallothionein containing a zinc finger within a four-metal cluster protects a bacterium from zinc toxicity (2001) (published in PNAS)

Lessons on the critical interplay between zinc binding and protein structure and dynamics (2013) (published in J. Inorg. Biochem.)