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Group Recipes

Group Recipes (18.5.09)

20x SB buffer (≈ pH 8.5)

8g NaOH

45g H3BO3

1l ddH2O

1x SB buffer

50ml 20x SB buffer

950ml ddH2O

1% Agarose Gel

0.5g agarose

50ml 1x SB buffer

3µl GelRed dye

6x Loading Buffer

4.3ml 70% glycerol

0.025g bromophenol blue

5.7ml autoclaved MilliQ water

Sonication Buffer (≈ pH 8.5)

0.606g (50mM) Tris-Cl

0.746g (0.1M) KCl

0.023g (3mM) β-Mercaptoethanol

0.029g (1mM) ZnSO4