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DNA Gel Protocol

Greg’s DNA Gel Protocol (18.5.09)


(For compositions of the solutions, please refer to the 'Group Recipes' page)

Step 1

Assemble gel cast

0.5g agarose in 50ml 1x SB buffer (1% gel)

Microwave for 1-2mins until dissolved

Add 3µl of GelRed

Pour into gel cast

Scrape all bubbles to the side

Add gel well comb

Leave for 20-30mins

Step 2

Mix 6x loading buffer to samples

Mix 2µl 6x loading buffer to 4µl 1kbase DNA ladder

Mix well (pipette up & down)

Step 3

Remove gel well comb & both red cast parts

Place plastic base with gel into electrophoresis tank

Completely cover gel with 1x SB buffer

Load 1kbase DNA ladder into cast gel

Load samples (≈15µl) into cast gel

Step 4

Turn on power supply

Set voltage to 200V

Set current to 150mA

Set time to 20mins

Hit ‘Run’

(Note: power supply does NOT turn off automatically after run is complete)

Step 5

Turn on UV lightbox

Place gel inside the UV lightbox

Turn on UV light (302nm)

Adjust camera to achieve best looking result for gel

Press ‘Print’