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Oksana Leszczyszyn

Oksana I. Leszczyszyn

Bsc.(Hons), PhD, AMRC 

Associate Fellow
Chemical Biology Group
Department of Chemistry
University of Warwick


Metallothioneins (MTs) are cysteine rich proteins, which are able to bind copious amounts of metal ions, such as zinc, copper and cadmium. Since their discovery in the late 1950s, metallothioneins have been the focus of intense scientific interest, and presently 800 sequences from a wide variety of organisms have been deposited in nucleotide and protein databases.
Despite the abundance of information available for the biology of metallothionein genes, there is a significant shortfall in research about the structure and metal binding dynamics of the protein products, especially for non-mammalian MTs. To fill this void, my research focuses on the characterisation of both the structure and biochemical properties of MT proteins. I am particularly interested in the way the metal binding and biochemical properties may be correlated with tertiary structure, and ultimately with the biological function of these intruiging proteins.
Currently, I am looking at MTs from two different organisms:
1. CeMT1 and CeMT2 isoforms from C. elegans.
2. A seed-specific zinc binding metallothionein from wheat germ: EC 
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