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Dr Nikola Chmel


Dr Nikola Chmel

Senior Teaching Fellow

MSc, PhD (Warwick)



Research Summary

Method development in spectroscopy for applications in complex biomolecular systems. The main areas of focus are circular and linear dichroism, fluorescence, dynamic light scattering and vibrational spectroscopy.

Selected Publications

Betanzos-Lara, S.; Chmel, N. P.; Zimmerman, M. T.; Barron-Sosa, L. R.; Garino, C.; Salassa, L.; Rodger, A.; Brumaghim, J. L.; Gracia-Mora, I.; Barba-Behrens, N., Redox-active and DNA-binding coordination complexes of clotrimazole. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44 (8), 3673-3685.

Razmkhah, K.; Chmel, N. P.; Gibson, M. I.; Rodger, A., Oxidized polyethylene films for orienting polar molecules for linear dichroism spectroscopy. Analyst 2014, 139 (6), 1372-1382.

McLachlan, J. R. A.; Smith, D. J.; Chmel, N. P.; Rodger, A., Calculations of flow-induced orientation distributions for analysis of linear dichroism spectroscopy. Soft Matter 2013, 9 (20), 4977-4984.

Daviter, T.; Chmel, N.; Rodger, A., Circular and linear dichroism spectroscopy for the study of protein-ligand interactions. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2013, 1008, 211-41.

Chmel, N. P.; Scott, P.; Rodger, A., Considerations of Noise and Measurement Reproducibility of Circular Dichroism Measurements Using Na[CoIII(EDDS)]. Chirality 2012, 24, 699-705.