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Taught Modules taken:

CH911: Chromatography and Separation Science
CH913: Team Research Project - Real World Analysis
Our team worked on identifying and quantifying compounds of nutritional value. In particular, we looked at Vitamin C, Vitamin A and iron by titration, MS, NMR, HPLC, UV-Vis and ICP-OES.
CH915: Principles and Techniques in Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
CH916: Magnetic Resonance
CH921: Frontier Instrumental Techniques for Molecular Analytical Science
CH922: Microscopy and Imaging
CH923: Statistics for Data Analysis
CH924: Mathematical and Numerical Modelling Techniques


Her theoretical miniproject was supervised by Dr Ann Dixon.
The title of this project was: The Membrane Receptor Interactome: Prediction and Measurement of Membrane Protein Interaction Networks
Her experimental miniproject was supervised by Dr Ahmed Eissa.
The title of this project was: Giant (cell-sized) vesicles with tunable rigidity and permeability as carriers in medicine and biotechnology