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Group meetings are seminars to discuss what we are doing, what problems we are currently encountering, and where the project(s) should go. Students should prepare a ~40 minute seminar (20 minute for ASMIT or MChem project students), and be prepared for extensive interruption and discussion. For literature meetings, the paper under discussion will be circulated before and a random person will be chosen at the meeting to introduce the paper - to encourage everyone to be prepared.

Meetings are currently on tuesdays at 10 AM.

July 30th - Juan Wei

August 6th - no meeting

August 13th - Xi Chen and Andrew Hallam

August 20th - Man Wong and Holly Chan

August 27th - Samantha Benson

September 3rd - Andrew Soulby

September 10th - BMSS meeting, Eastbourne

September 17th - Chris Wootton

September 24th - Maartje van Agthoven