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True-2D (T2D) is the 2-Dimensional Mass Spectrometry (2DMS) processing and analysis tool developed in the O'Connor group at the university of Warwick.

T2D is written in LabVIEW to provide an easy to interact with GUI and be easily distributed as a compiled .exe application with no need for full installation/seperate OS or platform.

T2D is primarilly a data viewing and analysis tool which contains its own analysis tools for spectral interpretation, peak picking, and navigation, but also exports the various lines in 2DMS spectra into formats openable by Bruker's Data analysis software package to integrate into your common procedures and downstream analysis.

T2D is not produced with the intent to focus on raw data processing, there exist current tools for the 2D FFT and various denoising approaches for 2D data (please see our other work). T2D is focused on the display, interaction, and analysis of the complex and very information-rich data outputted in 2D MS experiments. Basic 2D-FFT functionality will be added shortly to T2D to allow offline processing and initial evalutation of 2DMS data on systems which can handle such data files.

Updates and improvements to T2D's functionality will be continuously ongoing, please enquire if there is specific functionaility you may be interested in adding to the main program and we may be able to incorporate it in the next update.

Conception and development of T2D was carried out completely in house and, as a research group, we offer the software freely to anyone who wants to explore the benefits of 2DMS analysis, all we ask is that if you use T2D you reference our development work in this area and acknowledge use of the software in your own research.

Please find details of T2D functionality below, or email me at to discuss. Enjoy pushing the limits of analysis with 2DMS and T2D!