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Samantha Benson

My first degree was in Forensic Science at the University of Lincoln. The analytical chemistry modules on the course piqued my interest, leading me to the Analytical Science (AS:MIT) MSc programme at the University of Warwick. I chose to do a MSc research project with Dr Manuela Tosin and Prof. Peter O'Connor in investigating the biosynthesis of polyketide natural products, this project then developed into a PhD.

Chemical trapping and FTICR-MS characterisation of intermediates of iterative polyketide catalysis

Polyketides are natural products produced by bacteria, fungi and plants. The fine details of their biosynthesis are largely unknown, in particular for products deriving from iterative biosynthesis where genetic manipulation cannot be of assistance. My project works towards the identification and characterisation of intermediates of iterative polyketide synthases (PKSs). In doing so I am expressing recombinant proteins in E. coli and S. coelicolor and purifying them for activity assays, as well as chemically synthesising probes of iterative polyketide catalysis.

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