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Source Code

The full source code of B.U.D.A is available for download here:
B.U.D.A. Source Code 

This code is freely available and you are freely allowed to duplicate and modify it to whatever extent is desired. However, as stated in the B.U.D.A license agreement, this code is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced for sale. Most importantly, any additions to the code are also covered by the same license agreement and must also be fully open source.

However, if you agree to allow your source code to be fully used and examined by other programmers, it is welcome to be part of B.U.D.A., and appropriate credit will be given to any and all programmers who assist in improving the code. Simply email me the changes and give me the authorship information and I will be happy to incorporate them.

To compile B.U.D.A., install Microsoft Visual C++. I use version 6.0, but I suspect that B.U.D.A. can be compiled with other versions.

Copy the source code files from the .zip file above into MSVC++ and hit the compile button. If there are any problems, please email me directly and I will see if I can figure out what the problem is.

Good luck and best wishes,
Peter B. O’Connor