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Explore the Learning Grids

Welcome to our Learning Grids

Our Learning Grids provide a space for you to study collaboratively or individually.


All our learning grids offer you flexible spaces to study on campus.

There are printers, screens, whiteboards and multimedia equipment, as well as individual work stations with PCs.

You can move things around to practise presentations or have brainstorms. You can also book smaller rooms to enjoy smaller group study sessions together.


There are four Learning Grids for students - three on campus and one in Leamington Spa.

Rootes Building Learning Grid

The Learning Grid in the Rootes building is divided into a group study area and a silent study area. Like the Library, it can be busy during the afternoon, but is convenient for being right next to the SU and a lot of the food outlets and central campus accommodations. It also hosts cultural events and Study Happy wellbeing events.

University House Learning Grids

The Learning Grid in University House holds some key texts for courses. And, of course, you can access all our e-learning courses and digital texts from any Learning Grid.

Leamington Spa Learning Grid (off-campus)

The Learning Grid in Leamington Spa provides flexible and informal spaces for students living in Leamington to study without the need to travel to campus.

"University House is my go-to place if I want to have a study session in a more comfortable environment ... It’s sunny and air-conditioned, quiet, but with the hum of conversation in the distance."

Deanna Morley
Student blogger

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