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Rob Deeth

The Inorganic Computational Chemistry Group (ICCGLink opens in a new window) is under the direction of Emeritus Professor Rob Deeth.

We deploy theoretical and computational techniques to study of the structures, properties and reactivities of molecular systems.

Up to his retirement in 2015, the flagship project was the development and application of Ligand Field Molecular Mechanics, which is implemented in DommiMOE, an extension of the Molecular Operating Environment from Chemical Computing GroupLink opens in a new window.

Link opens in a new windoSince the 2020 Covid lockdown, he has become obsessed by the development of a universal conceptual model for molecular systems spanning s-, p- and d-block chemistries. More information will be posted on the ICCG website as the project unfolds.

N.B. While RJD is still scientifically active, he has no full-time presence at Warwick but can readily be contacted by e-mail.