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Cohort 5

Shayantan Chaudhuri

PhD Title: Theory of electrochemically driven metal nucleation on diamond electrodes
PhD Supervisor:
Dr. Reinhard Maurer
University of Warwick

Tuoran Chen

PhD Title: Towards the perfect neck for HPHT PCD
PhD Supervisor: Prof Richard Todd and Prof Peter Nellist
Institution: University of Oxford

Alexander Freeman

PhD Title: Solid-State Diamond Electron Devices
PhD Supervisor: Dr Jon Goss and Prof Nick Wright
Institution: Newcastle University

Sam Hamilton

PhD Title: Measuring the sp3/sp2 Carbon Content Ratio in a Single Nanodiamond using Quantitative Optical Microscopy
PhD Supervisor: Prof Paola Borri, Prof Wolfgang Langbein & Prof Oliver Williams
Institution: Cardiff University

Peter Hepworth

PhD Title: Defect Studies in CVD Diamond: Production, Identification and Exploitation of New Defects
PhD Supervisor: Prof Mark Newton
Institution: University of Warwick

Pierre Julien

PhD Title: Diamond for laser engineering: lasers for manufacturing and sensing
PhD Supervisor: Prof Alan Kemp
Institution: University of Strathclyde

Adam Kirwan

PhD Title: Experimental and Computational studies of Si and Ge layers on Diamond for Enhanced NEA Applications
PhD Supervisor: Prof. Paul May, Prof. Neil Allan
Institution: University of Bristol

Marta Kr├╝ger

PhD Title: Laser written components in diamond for sensor applications
PhD Supervisor: Dr Patrick Salter and Prof Martin Booth
Institution: University of Oxford

Katherine Levey

PhD Title: Development of Boron Doped Diamond Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring
PhD Supervisor: Prof Julie Macpherson
Institution: University of Warwick

Helen Witkowska

PhD Title: Building Quantum Networks with Diamond
PhD Supervisor: Dr Ben Green
Institution: University of Warwick