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Professor David Whitehouse

Emeritus Professor

BSc(Bristol) PhD(Leicester) DSc(Warwick) FIEE, FInstProdEng MInstP FInstM & CSM Am Soc. Prec. Eng. SM Japanese Soc Proc Eng. SM Chinese Soc Prec Eng Full Member CIRP (International Prod Eng Research)

School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK

Biography and Technical Output


Professor David Whitehouse is a world authority on surface and nanometrology - theoretically and practically. He has a B.Sc. in Physics, a Ph. D. in Surface Tribology, and D.Sc. in Metrology (The first D. Sc awarded by the University of Warwick) he also has an Honorary D.Sc. He has published over 250 papers on surface and nanometrology, has 23 patents and has written six books including the definitive ‘Handbook of Surface Metrology’ and ‘Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology’. Over 50% of all these publications having been written by him alone. In 2016 his publications according to Google Scholar has 6000 citations with an h index of 35 and i 10 index of 77.


He completed a three-year postgraduate apprenticeship at a Wolverhampton firm making high voltage equipment after graduating with an honours degree in Physics from Bristol University in 1958. The next 20 years of his career was spent in industry including 10 years as Chief Research Engineer at Taylor Hobson Ltd, UK; the world famous ultra-precision instrument company in Leicester UK. During this time at Taylor Hobson he studied, in his own time, for a PhD which he obtained at Leicester University after 3 years in 1970. His paper, based on this PhD work was the first of his 12 papers published in the Royal Society.

After the period in industry he spent 23 years as Full Professor at the University of Warwick UK, first as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and later as Professor of Engineering Science. For the last five years he was Chief Scientist. During his time in the Department he was responsible for starting up both the Mechanical Engineering and the Production Engineering Divisions in the Department of Engineering. He has supervised more than 30 Ph.D. students and started the first degree course in the UK on ‘Design and Alternative Technology’ in 1978, derivatives of which are still running today.

In 1979 he started the first ‘Centre for Micro- engineering and Metrology’. And in 1990 he initiated the world’s first Journal of Nanotechnology published by the Institute of Physics and became its first Editor in Chief. This journal ‘Nanotechnology’ has recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary and has an impact factor of 3.82. It is published weekly and now has two million full-article downloads per year. He is also a joint Founder in 2002 of the Chinese Journal of Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering.

Currently, he is Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Warwick UK, Consultant Professor at the University of Harbin, P R China, Visiting Professor at Tianjin, P R China and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Precision Technologies University of Huddersfield UK.

He has also been Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Norway, at Trondheim, the University of Bremen, Germany and the Technical University of Vienna in Austria.


He has lectured in 37 countries and has received many honours and prizes including the Joseph Whitworth Prize (Inst. Mech. E.), The James Clayton Prize (Inst. Mech. E.), the Commemorative Medallion for Advanced Technology; Mendeleev Institute of Metrology St Petersburg (then Leningrad), Russia), the Callendar Prize ‘For Outstanding Contribution to Metrology’ from the Institute of Measurement and Control and in 1986 given a five year Research Professor SERC Senior Fellowship.

He has three lifetime achievement honours, one in the UK: a Lifetime Achievement Award for World Class Metrology: ‘Champion of Metrology’ from the National Physical Laboratory, one from the USA: A lifetime Achievement Award for a long and distinguished career from the American Society of Precision Engineers which in the citation described Professor Whitehouse as the ‘Father of digital metrology’ and recently the ‘world class’ General Pierre Nicolau Award from the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP) based in Paris, conferred in 2012 for ‘Significant and Distinguished Scientific Contribution to the field of Production Engineering’. This is the first time this Award -regarded as the Premier Award in Production Engineering in the world- has been awarded to a Briton.


Fellow of the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP);Charter Member of the American Society of Precision Engineering; Fellow of the UK Institute of Physics; Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce.

He has been a consultant to Rolls Royce, Taylor Hobson, 3M(UK) and the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston in the UK. Kodak, Unilever, General Motors, Caterpillar, and the Bardon Corporation in the USA, Toshiba in Japan and UBM in Germany, and the Ministry of Technology of Singapore. He has also been an ‘Expert Witness’ for the Ministry of Defence UK on two occasions.


Books, Book Chapters and Patents

Books Authored

1 Whitehouse D J and Reason R E 1965 ‘Equation of meanline of surface texture found by an electric wave filter’ Rank Organisation Technical Monograph, Rank Taylor Hobson Division Leicester PDF

2 Whitehouse D J 1971 ‘The properties of random surfaces of significance in their contact’ Ph. D Thesis, Leicester University, Leicester

3 Whitehouse D J 1990 ‘Memoirs R E Reason FRS’ Monograph -Biographical memoirs of Fellows of Royal Society Vol 36. PDF

4 Whitehouse D J 1994 ‘Handbook of Surface Metrology’ Inst of Physics Pub ISBN 0-7503-0039-6 PDF

5 Whitehouse D J 1996 ‘Optical methods in surface metrology’ SPIE Milestone Series Vol129 ISBN 0-8194237-5

6 Whitehouse D J 2002 ‘Surfaces and their measurement’ (Hermes Penton Press, London) ISBN 1-9039-96015 PDF

7 Whitehouse D J 2003 ‘Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology’ (Inst of Physics Publ., Bristol) ISBN 07503-05835

8 Whitehouse D J 2011 ‘Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology Second Edition’ (CRC Press -Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton FL, London) ISBN 978-1-4200-8201-2 PDF

Books Edited

1 Whitehouse D J and Kawata K 1991 Nanotechnology’ Series advances in Nanoscale Physics (Adam Hilger, Bristol) ISBN 0-7503-0132-5

2 Whitehouse D J and Davies S T 1996 ‘Nanotechnology ‘Vol 7(Inst of Physics Pub , Bristol) ISBN 0957-4484 (no copy)

3 Jiang X and Whitehouse D J 2005 ‘Journal of Physics Conference Series ‘Vol 13 7th Int. Symp. Meas. Tech & Intell Instruments (ISMTII) (IOP PUB, Bristol) ISSN 1742-6588

4 Whitehouse D J and Jiang X 2006 Measurement Science and Technology Vol 17 No 3 (IOPP, Bristol) ISSN 0957-0233.

5 Whitehouse D J. 2013. Surfaces and their measurement Part 1 Int. J. Precision Technology, Vol 3 No. 3.

6 Whitehouse D J 2013 Surfaces and their Measurement Part 2 Int. J. Precision Technology, Vol 3 No. 4

Book Chapters

1 Whitehouse D J 1973 Ch apter3 ‘Stylus Methods’ in ‘Characterisation of solid surfaces’ Ed Kane P F, and Larrabbe G B (Plenum Press, New York) p49-74

2 Whitehouse D J 1982 ‘Chapter7 ‘Digital Techniques’ in ‘Rough Surfaces ‘ Ed Thomas T (longman , London) p 144-165

3 Whitehouse D J 1981 Chapter 2 ‘ Surface topography and quality and its relevance to wear’ in ‘Fundamentals of Tribology’ Ed Suh N P and Saka N ( MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts) p 17-52

4 Whitehouse D J 1978 Chapter 9 ‘ Surface Metrology’ in ‘Technology of Machine Tools’ NBS Vol 5 (National Bureau of Standards, Washington) p 17

5 Whitehouse D J 1991 Chapter 1 ‘ Trends in Instrumentation and nano-technology’ in ‘ From Instrumentation to nano-technology’ Ed Gardner J W and Hingle H T ( Gordon and Breach, Philadelphia) p 1-18

6 Whitehouse D J 1998 Chapter 6 Nanotechnology instrumentation’ in Nanotechnology in Precision Engineering ‘ (Inst of Phys , Bristol) ? (no copy)

7 Whitehouse D J 1999 Chapter ‘Surface characterization and roughness measurement in engineering’ in Photo-mechanics Ed P K Rastogi No77/ Topics in Applied Physics (Springer,Berlin)

8 Whitehouse D J 1999 chapter 10 Tools of Nanotechnology: Nanometrology ‘ in ‘Handbook of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology’-Spectroscopy and theory Ed H S Nalwa p 476-510

9 Whitehouse D J 2012 Chapter ‘Metrology past present and future with reference to optics’ in Process Chains for the replication of complex optical components Ed Brinksmeier E and Klocke Bremen Germany PDF

Patents (23)

GB 1129962 Phase corrected filter mag- tape filed Ap.65 gr. Jan66 DJW etc (1965)

GB 1168372 Equal weight phase corrected filed Ap. 68 gr. Oct 69 DJW etc(1969)

GB 1198253 Phase corrected( tape reversal filed Nov .1967 gr. Jul. 1970

GB 1210181 Improvements relating to electric filter devices filed Ap. 68 gr. Oct 70- with RER JDB etc

GB 1257356 Roundness ref comp. filed May 69 gr. Dec. 71 DJW only (add to 933785 RER)

GB 1318701 Methods of waveform analysis –filed Jan 70 gr. May 73 with RCS

GB 1399729 Wankel stator –filed 73 gr.Ju. 75 with RCS

GB 1411655 Relating to optical diffractometers – filed Mar.73 gr. Oct 75 with JJ & EN

GB 1436721 Improvements in or relating to surface measurement –with PRB & DGC filed 74 gr. 76

GB 1525697 Surface measuring apparatus –multi-probe-filed Ap. 75 gr. Sep 78

GB 1553414 Surface metrology instrumentation –filed Oct 76 Gr. Sep 79 with HS

GB 2004061B Optical testing equipment-multi scatter– With JJ filed Sep. 78 gr. Mar79

GB 2037464B Multi point correlation filed Dec. 78, App. Pub. Jul. 80 gr. Nov 82

GB 2039050B Curvature centre – filed Jan79 App pub Jul 80 Gr. Dec. 82 with HS

USA 3543571 Compensation for phase distortion in surface profile measuring apparatus

USA 3571579 Assessing surface profiles with reason Spragg , Barr etc.

USA 3720818 DJW with RCS Av. Wav. Filed 73 gr. 73

USA 3885318 Epi-trochoid with RCS filed 73 gr.75 Surface Measuring Instrument

USA 3911257 Instrument for measuring curved surface variations with Bellwood and Chetwynd

USA 3927253 Image analyser with JJ and Eric Nightingale

USA 4077048 ‘’

USA 4084324 Evaluation of parameters, Measuring instrument

USA 4084324 Multiprobe

USA 4334282 Testing apparatus correlation filed Dec. 79

USA 4342091 Curved workpiece measurement

USA 7090458B2 Parallel link for robot – Gr. Aug. 2006 With TH, DGC

SW 590453 Partial arcs with PRB and DGC

EU 0001 178 Image analyser Europat. with J Jungles

Journal papers

1 Reason R E and Whitehouse D J 1965 ‘Ein Beitrag zur Bestimung der Oberflachen –Rauheit’. Werkstattstechnik vol 7 p 329-331 PDF

2 Whitehouse D J 1967-68 ‘ Improved type of wavefilter for use in surface finish measurement’ Proc Inst Mech Engrs Vol 182 pt 3K p 306-318 PDF

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7 Spragg R C and Whitehouse D J 1972 ‘An average wavelength parameter for surface metrology’

Trans Inst measurement and Control, vol. 5 p95-101 PDF

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49 English version of 48 -ve ?

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Conference papers

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Externally unpublished but internally published works

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D J Whitehouse - Eight Surface Metrology professional tutorial films for Eastman Kodak, Rochester new York USA.