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People - Dr Yukun Hu


Dr Yukun Hu

Research Fellow


University of Warwick
School of Engineering
United Kingdom


Dr Yukun Hu joined Power and Control Systems Laboratory in School of Engineering at the University of Warwick as a Research Fellow in December 2015. He received his MSc degree in Chemical Engineering with distinction from South China University of Technology & Key Laboratory of Heat Transfer Enhancement and Energy Conservation of Education Ministry in July 2007, and received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, in February 2013. Then he continued his academic career at the University of South Wales as a Research Assistant until November 2015. He has experience in a range of modelling methods such as molecular dynamics, process simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), zone modelling, and artificial intelligence techniques including neural networks and genetic algorithms. His industrial experience includes the application of advanced mathematic models to the process control and optimisation of engineering systems. He has published over 20 articles and a book chapter in these research areas (Citations: 187; H-index: 9,

Research Interests

  1. CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technologies.
  2. Energy process simulation, analysis, and optimisation.
  3. Application of computer tomography and reconstruction technology.
  4. Combustion and heat transfer in high temperature energy equipment and processes.
  5. Applications of CFD and artificial intelligence to combustion and energy related problems.

Previously representative work

  • Zone modelling (ZM) of transient operation of large-scale reheating furnaces


The zone model is capable of real time simulation and has great potential to be incorporated directly into dedicated furnace optimisation and control algorithms [1].

  • Flue gas recycle (FGR) ratio in oxy-coal combustion processes for CO2 capture


FGR %≈λ(1-[O_2 ]_oxidant )
This derived formula can be used to approximatively calculate flue gas recycle ratio of oxyfuel combustion in engineering application [7].


Book Chapter

1. Y. Hu, J. Yan. Oxyfuel combustion for CO2 capture. In: Handbook of Clean Energy Systems (ISBN 9781118991978), 2015, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

1. Y. Hu, J. Niska, J. Broughton, E. McGee, C.K. Tan, A. Matthew, P. Roach. 2014. Zone modelling coupled with dynamic flow pattern for the prediction of transient performance of metal reheating. AISTech2014 - The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, May 5-8, Indianapolis, USA.

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