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Research Interests

Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite shapes and systems
  • Structural characterisation of lightweight systems for achieving sustainable construction.
  • Structural engineering towards developing member shapes and methods of connection for traditional and innovative construction.
  • Physical testing, design and analysis of members, connections and joints, and sub-assemblies for load bearing systems of pultruded FRP shapes and systems.
  • Structural integrity and durability of materials and structures.
  • Test methods for characterisation of FRP materials and their structures.
  • Preparation of prescriptive and performance based design rules and procedures for industry-wide standards and codes of practice.
  • Application of finite element analysis and other computational methods to understand static, buckling, dynamic and progressive fracture in FRP structures.

Civil Engineering Achievements in Research with brief descriptions and photogrpahs promoting our research.

Civil Engineering Technicians (CET) Intranet with photographs showing the diversity of our structural engineering projects.


Problem based learning

Advancements of Education and Skills

PhD Supervision and New Research Students

My research interests are in structural engineering and with shapes and systems of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials. The content of this personal web page shall give you an insight to the types of projects that I've supervised since 2000. Most of our research outcomes are directed towards providing quality technical information and understanding that can be used to prepare guidance for the reliable and safe design of primary load bearing structures of FRP in civil engineering works.

If you want to apply for to study for a PhD with the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) researh group follow the instruction at the link Research Degrees in the School of Engineering at Warwick University.