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Selected Q1 Journal Papers

[J1] “Non-orthogonal signal transmission over nonlinear optical channels,” [IEEE] Photonics Journal, Vol.11(2), 7203313, 2019. (IF: 2.627)

[J2] “Digital linearization of direct-detection transceivers for spectrally-efficient 100 Gb/s/λ WDM metro networking,” [IEEE/OSA] Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol.36(1), 27-36, 2018. (Invited, IF: 3.652)

[J3] “Spectrally-efficient 168 Gb/s WDM 64-QAM single-sideband Nyquist-subcarrier modulation with Kramers-Kronig based direct-detection receivers,” [IEEE/OSA] Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol.36(6), 1340-1346, 2018. (Invited, IF: 3.652)

[J4] “Digital nonlinearity compensation in high-capacity optical communication systems considering signal spectral broadening effect”, [Nature] Scientific Reports, Vol.7, 12986, 2017. (IF: 4.122)

[J5] “Modulation format dependence of digital nonlinearity compensation performance in optical fibre communication systems,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.25(4), 3311-3326, 2017. (IF: 3.356)

[J6] “Achievable information rates estimates in optically amplified transmission systems using nonlinearity compensation and probabilistic shaping,” [OSA] Optics Letters, Vol.41(21), 121-124, 2017. (IF: 3.589)

[J7] “Modeling of nonlinearity-compensated optical communication systems considering second-order signal-noise interactions”, [OSA] Optics Letters, Vol.42(17), 3351-3354, 2017. (IF: 3.589)

[J8] “Span length and information rate optimisation in optical transmission systems using single-channel backpropagation,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.25(21), 25353-25362, 2017. (IF: 3.356)

[J9] “Method based on fast Fourier transform for calculating conical refraction of beams with non-circular symmetry,” [IEEE] Photonics Journal, Vol.9(2), 6500707, 2017. (IF: 2.627)

[J10] “Maximising the optical network capacity,” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Vol.374(2062), 20140440, 2016. (Invited, IF: 2.746)

[J11] “An Improved positioning algorithm in a long-range asymmetric perimeter security system,” [IEEE/OSA] Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol.34(22), 5278-5283, 2016. (IF: 3.652)

[J12] “Equalization enhanced phase noise in Nyquist-spaced superchannel transmission systems using multi-channel digital back-propagation,” [Nature] Scientific Reports, Vol.5, 13990, 2015. (IF: 4.122)

[J13] “Spectrally shaped DP-16QAM super-channel transmission with multi-channel digital back propagation,” [Nature] Scientific Reports, Vol.5, 08214, 2015. (IF: 4.122)

[J14] “On the performance of multichannel digital backpropagation in high-capacity long-haul optical transmission,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.22(24), 30053-30062, 2014. (IF: 3.356)

[J15] “Study of EEPN mitigation using modified RF pilot and Viterbi-Viterbi based phase noise compensation,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.21(10), 12351-12362, 2013. (IF: 3.356)

[J16] “A quantitative robustness evaluation model for optical fiber sensor networks,” [IEEE/OSA] Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol.31(8), 1240-1246, 2013. (IF: 3.652)

[J17] “EEPN and CD study for coherent optical nPSK and nQAM systems with RF pilot based phase noise compensation,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.20(8), 8862-8870, 2012. (IF: 3.356)

[J18] “Analytical estimation of phase noise influence in coherent transmission system with digital dispersion equalization,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.19(8), 7756-7768, 2011. (IF: 3.356)

[J19] “Receiver implemented RF pilot tone phase noise mitigation in coherent optical nPSK and nQAM systems,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.19(15), 14487-14494, 2011. (IF: 3.356)

[J20] “Chromatic dispersion compensation in coherent transmission system using digital filters,” [OSA] Optics Express, Vol.18(15), 16243-16257, 2010. (IF: 3.356)


Invited Conference Papers & Talks (Selected)

[I1] "Limit of achievable information rates in EDFA and Raman amplified transmission systems using nonlinearity compensation,” [IEEE] International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), Angers, France, 2019.

[I2] “Information Rates in EDFA and Raman Amplified Optical Communication Systems Using Nonlinearity Compensation,” [IEEE] Workshop on Information Optics (WIO), Stockholm, Sweden,2019.

[I3] “Spectral broadening effects in optical communication networks: impact and security issue”, [IEEE] International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology (ICAIT), Stockholm, Sweden, 2018.

[I4] “Deep learning for interference cancellation in non-orthogonal signal based optical communication systems”, [IEEE] Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), Toyama, Japan, 2018.

[I5] “Digital nonlinearity compensation in high-capacity optical fibre communication systems: performance and optimisation,” [IEEE] Advances in Wireless and Optical Communications (RTUWO), Riga, Latvia, 67-72, 2017.

[I6] “Carrier phase estimation and nonlinearity compensation in optical communication systems using advanced modulation formats,” [SPIE] International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications (ICWOC), Singapore, 2017.

[I7] “Carrier phase estimation in dispersion-unmanaged optical transmission systems,” [IEEE] Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IAEAC), 1860-1864, Chongqing, China, 2017.

[I8] “Analytical estimation in differential optical transmission systems influenced by equalization enhanced phase noise,” [IEEE] Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), 4844-4848, Shanghai, China, 2016.

[I9] “Closed-form expression of one-tap normalized LMS carrier phase recovery in optical communication systems,” [SPIE] International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications (ICWOC), Vol.9902, 990203, Beijing, China, 2016.

[I10] “Receiver-based strategies for mitigating nonlinear distortion in high-speed optical communication systems,” Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications, [IEEE/OSA] Photonics in Switching, P2.2, Florence, Italy, 2015.

[I11] “Overcoming fibre nonlinearities to enhance the achievable transmission rates in optical communication systems,” [IEEE/OSA] Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP), Workshop3, Hong Kong, 2015.