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Biomedical Engineering in STEM

“Inspiring the next wave of STEM students through Biomedical Engineering”

Our Integration with the National Curriculum

National Curriculum

We have identified Key Stage 3 level students who are positioned in the 11-14 age range as our key target audience for outreach. This level at school is a critical point in the UK education system and we hope our demonstrations and activities will direct students towards STEM subjects.

Our primary aim will be the integration of Biomedical Engineering theory, into the Science national curriculum. The structure includes the subjects relating to Biology, Chemistry and Physics whilst also promoting and fostering a method of Working Scientifically.

A core component of the Science Key Stage 3 curriculum we will address all elements of this philosophy:

Working Scientifically

• We will bring a Scientific attitude to the sessions by demonstrating our understanding of modern scientific methods in our technology and our commitment to reproducibility by publicity and open material
• The Experimental skills and investigations that we have undertaken in the development of our projects
Analysis and evaluation methods that we use to both to create and adapt our technologies including the application of mathematical concepts, presenting our concepts and invite questions from the students
• Present the Measurement techniques including use of theoretical equations and use of SI units


We aim for our sessions outreach to:

• Address and touch on elements of all the scientific subjects and explain their implementation in Biomedical Engineering
• Promote and demonstrate the Scientific Working method and why it is so important
• Introduce the concept of engineering as a whole and its broad range of streams and topics