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Martin Lea

MAS Miniproject 1 - Photo-induced electron transfer in coordination cages using supramolecular assemblies

Synthesis and characterization of supramolecular structures used in host-guest chemistry. Spectroscopic methods were used in order to investigate phenomena such as energy and electron transfer capabilities of novel, self assembled cage like structures.

Project involved:

  • Ligand synthesis and the characterization of supramolecular structures.
  • Fluorescence titrations of guest molecules into hosts.
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy to reveal photodynamics

sewSimple depiction of electron transfer occurring between host and guest


MAS Miniproject 2 - Computational modelling of optoelectronic devices: Hemithioindigos as versatile single-molecule switches - With industrial collaboration from Diamond Light Source Ltd

A study into the photoswitching capabilties of an emerging class of molecular switch; demonstrating how tunable properties can be obtained through functionalization, using ab initio calculation software. Mechanistic investigation of switching within hemithioindigos was attempted through:

  • Calculation of ground and excited states
  • Predicted spectroscopy of medium sized organic compounds
  • Reaction pathways investigated by surface scans


Further functionalization of hemithioindigos were explored, creating a molecular catalogue in order to understand more about substituent effects in molecular switches.

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