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Authors: Jake Dunn, Rodolfo Gameros Leal, Anna Santello

Supervisors: Matthew Keeling, Simon Spencer

This project is concerned with studying the spread of the 2009 H1N1 epidemic across the Birmingham school district, one of the first regions of the UK to experience the outbreak. We study this across a nine week period and work on a weekly basis in discrete time.

The project is broken down into several sections:

The Model

The Data Set and Thresholding

Parameter Inference and Interpretation


Public Policy

We acknowledge the help of our project co-ordinators Professor Matthew Keeling and Dr. Simon Spencer.

This project was done through MASDOC, funded by EPSRC grant number EP/HO23364/1


We acknowledge and thank the help of our supervisors Prof Matthew Keeling and Dr Simon Spencer.
We also acknowledge the funding body EPSRC and the support from MASDOC CDT.

Contact: Jake.Dunn at, R.M.Gameros-Leal at