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Mathematics Undergraduate Degrees

Maths UG students working collaboratively in classroom

Why Maths at Warwick?

We offer a huge number of exciting modules allowing you to develop and pursue your interests within mathematics. Many 3rd and 4th year modules offer a glimpse of the latest developments in mathematics research.

You are free to do 100% maths, or if you prefer, we offer the opportunity to choose options from several other world-class departments at Warwick. This provides flexibility to tailor your degree to suit your interests and your potential career.

Mathematics degree courses

We offer two single-subject mathematics degrees:

This is a 3-year maths degree that is broad and highly flexible.

  • 1st year: 8 core modules (75% of the typical workload)

  • 2nd year: 5 core modules plus an essay (55% of typical workload)

  • 3rd year: No core, but you will do at least 50% maths

Detailed course information

This 4-year degree is a natural route for those contemplating a mathematical career in industry, business or academia.

  • Same core as the BSc degree

  • Students must do at least 75% maths each year

  • In year four, students undertake a substantial project at the edge of mathematical research, or at the interface of real-world applications.

    Detailed course information